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qForms JavaScript API
Welcome to the qForms—the most complete JavaScript API for interfacing forms. The qForms API has been designed to make forms easy to work with. It simplifies tasks HTML developers normally find tricky to handle. And the most exciting thing of all, the API is released free under the GNU Lesser General Public License

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Help Support The Future of qForms!
I'm now accepting donations to help support the continual development of the qForms API. The donations can be in any amount and are not required, the API is still free to use. I'm starting the donation process in hopes that I'll be able to subsidize having to do side contracting work—which will leave me with more time to spend working on qForms and expansions for the library. If you use qForms and it's been a big help to you, then I urge you support future development by contributing what you can.

I want to support development of qForms!

Mailing List
I've set up a mailing list for the qForms API. Please use this resource to post any questions, comments or thoughts on the qForms API. To sign up for the qForms API Mailing List, either visit the qForms Yahoo Groups home page, or send an e-mail to qformsapi-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

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