jQuery Autocomplete Mod

This is modification of Dylan Verheul's jQuery Autcomplete plug-in. I customized his library adding the features I needed and fixing issues I considered bugs.


Local City Autocomplete: (Shows a max of 10 entries)

Ajax City Autocomplete:

Some dropdown:

Some dropdown 2:

Some dropdown 3:


There have been several reports of the contents of the iFrame being placed into the text box when the [TAB] key is pressed. This is due to a bug in jQuery v1.1.1 and not w/this code. See the following thread on the jQuery Mailing List for more information: http://www.nabble.com/Bug-in-$()-in-jQuery-v1.1.1--t3144910.html#nabble.i8718421.

This bug is fixed in jQuery v1.2.1.


Autocomplete Docs
autocomplete_ajax.cfm (as text file)